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The Michael J Fox Foundation For Parkinsons Research

1976 Leo & Me Jamie  
1979 Lou Grant;"Kids" Paul Stone  
1979 Letters From Frank Rikki  
1979 Trapper John, M.D    
1980 Midnight Madness Scott  
1980 Palmerstown U.S.A Willy-Joe Hall  
1980 Family;"Such a Fine Line" Schoolboy  
1982 Teachers Only    
1982 Class of 1984 Arthur  
1982-1989 Family Ties Alex P Keaton

Some pictures available 3/9/01

1983 The Love Boat    
1983 High School U.S.A Jay-Jay Manners  
1984 Night Court; "Santa Goes Downtown" Eddie Simms  
1985 Poison Ivy Dennis Baxter  
1985 Back To The Future Marty McFly Some pictures and screen captures available 3/9/01
1985 Bob Hope Buys NBC?    
1985 Teen Wolf Scott Howard  
1985 Family Ties Vacation Alex P Keaton  
1987 The Secret Of My Success Brantley Foster screen captures available 5/24/01
1987 Light Of Day Joe Rasnick  
1988 Bright Lights, Big City Jamie Conway  
1988 The Resturn Of Bruno Himself  
1989 Casualties of War Erickson  
1989 Back To The Future Part Two Marty McFly Some pictures available 3/9/01
1990 Miles Turns 21 Himself  
1990 Back to the Future Part Three Marty McFly  
1991 The Hard Way Nick Lang  
1991 The Trap    
1991 Doc Hollywood Dr. Benjamin Stone  
1993 Where The Rivers Flow North Clayton Farnsworth  
1993 Life With Mikey Michael Chapman  
1993 The Indredible Journey Chance (voice)  
1993 For Love Or Money Doug Ireland  
1994 Don't Drink The Water Axel Magee  
1994 Greedy Daniel McTeague  
1995 Coldblooded Tim Alexander  
1995 Blue in the Face Pete Maloney  
1995 The American President Lewis Rothschild  
1996 Homeword Bound 2: Lost In San Francisco Chance (voice)  
1996 The Frighteners Frank Banister  
1996-2000 Spin City Michael Flaherty Some pictures available 3/9/01
1996 Mars Attacks Jason Stone  
1999 Stuart Little Stuarat  
2000 David Blaine: Frozen in Time Himself  
2001 Atlantis: The Lost Empire Milo James  
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